Join the neuro-inclusive teen ensemble EPIC Jr. in a retelling of the classic tale of Alice in Wonderland! Our actors have been working since January to devise their own version of this magical story for this one day only event. EPIC Jr. is a free arts training program for neuro-divergent teens who want to pursue theater.

Some people gravitate towards science, literature, or music. Others are drawn to the stage. We're all born with something we love to do—that's what makes us who we are. There's power in finding your purpose and celebrating your talent. But some talent isn't clear until it has a spotlight.

EPIC Players is a nonprofit theatre company that opens the stage to all types of artists and seeks to shine a light on neuro-diverse talent. We believe our differences are our strengths. And that a more open stage connects artists and audiences to more representation, more inspiration, and more opportunities.

“EPIC Players gives voice to those who are rarely told to speak up, and awakens us all to the idea that there are countless others out there who have voices worth hearing too—if we would only give them a chance. The EPIC Players’ pursuit is a noble one; to be the beacon, the proverbial shining city on a hill, bravely providing an example for the rest of us to follow.”
— My Entertainment World

Dates and times

This event finished on June 9, 2024.

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