Join Keen Company for the 18th Annual Keen Teens Festival of New Work! Be the first to see the Off-Broadway debut of over 30 young actors, and the premiere of work which will soon be produced on high school stages around the world!

The Odds Are...
By Dennis A. Allen II
Directed by Antu Yacob
Assistant Director: Amberrain Andrews
Assistant Stage Manager: Willow Hope Funkhouser
Starring: Charlotte Coffey, Tai Duong, August Eaves, George Henry, Aishwarya (Ria) Joseph, Nikki Lerman, Lavelle Price, Stephanie Solis-Romero, Dasan Turner, Viktoriia Yatsyshyna

Set in the not-too-distant future at a gambling addiction rehabilitation center for teens, The Odds Are... shines a spotlight on 16-year-old Jasmine and the other young residents as they navigate personal struggles and grapple with the societal forces that brought them there.

the doctor will see you shortly
By Laura Neill
Directed by Susanna Jaramillo
Assistant Director: Annabel Heacock
Assistant Stage Manager: Alex Church Gonzales
Starring: Annahlyn Barrett, Ida Footman Beckett, Juliet Burns, Victoria Caraballosa, Yngrid Jimenez, Madisyn Martin, Christina (Red) Permaul, Ally Seetaram, Zosia Sinton, Amelia Zoya Szasz, Bianca Vigilante, Samiya Williams, Kiesse Yengo-Passy

Fed up with long wait times and dismissive diagnoses, teenagers in a gynecologist's waiting room decide to build their own community toward healing. Powered by exuberant flash mobs that express rage, power, and helpful tips about what could be going on with your vagina, the doctor will see you shortly is a dramedy for anyone who's ever felt dread about going to the gynecologist.

By Jesús Valles
Directed by Jean Carlo Yunen
Assistant Director: Irvin Mason, Jr.
Assistant Stage Manager: CJ Steeley
Starring Jermaine Birchett, Amirah Clark, Dereck Diller, Sky Gomez, Xavier Gonzalez, Max Lobis Green, Kiera O'Grady-Chabran, Ariana Peña, Ryan Tan, Bianca Vigilante

It’s time to “run” the mile, but for Fahren, Alyssa, Sonia, and Savannah, the mile is something you walk, with friends, while you contemplate love, mortality, friendship, and Hot Fries. Milewalkers asks us to return to middle school and revisit all the big and small ways that young adults tackle big life questions.

The Keen Teens Festival of New Work will run approximately 90 minutes with no intermission. All three plays will be presented at every performance.

The Keen Teens program features plays addressing modern teenage issues including strong language and cultural topics. This year's plays touch on themes like female anatomy, gambling addiction, feelings of otherness, and talk of suicide which may not be suitable for younger audiences.

Dates and times

This event finished on May 19, 2024.

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