This hilarious comedy tells the story of a man so grief-stricken by the death of his parents that he hires actors to be his family and things do not go as planned. A hit in Utah, Michigan and Florida this play is now being presented Off-Broadway by Plays Of Wilton (POW!).

“A brazenly original, and unexpectedly profound new play” – Boca Magazine

"The Actors, with hints of Pirandello and Shakespeare, is about the similarities between real life and live theatre and how the lines separating them can blur or even disappear" .– Theatrical Musings

Notes from the Playwright. The Actors is a comedy about the death of my parents. In the late 90's when some of my plays experienced a little success Off-Broadway I earned enough money to bring my parents to New York City and take them to a bunch of Broadway shows. We celebrated our love of theatre together but could not celebrate my plays because the work I was producing was at odds with their conservative Mormon beliefs. So, it's ironic to be returning Off-Broadway with a play that features my parents as major characters and that is suitable for all audiences. Had they lived, they would have been extremely proud to know that I’ve finally written a play they can bring their friends to. However, had they lived, I would never have written the play.

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